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Prieska 2023

Prieska 2023

31 July 2023

A Vision Restored: Mulilo Prieska Solar Community Trust Brings Light to 100 Elderly Beneficiaries

Did you know that most blindness is preventable? Over 75% of the 2.2 billion blind or visually impaired people around the world have preventable or treatable conditions. That’s over 1.6 billion people who could have sight if they had access to quality eye care.

Unfortunately, over 90% of those with preventable or treatable vision conditions live in developing communities around the world, where access to eye care is limited by location or expense.

In a heart-warming and comprehensive initiative, the Mulilo Prieska Solar Community Trust (MPSCT) funded a life-changing cataract surgery project for 100 elderly beneficiaries from Marydale, Niekerkshoop, and Prieska. Through supporting the NGO Africa20twenty, these surgeries were successfully carried out at Bill Pickard Hospital in Prieska, spanning from 10th to 15th July 2023.

Cataracts had cast a shadow on the lives of these elderly residents, but MPSCT's endeavour aimed to bring back the light. The skilled medical practitioners from Africa20 twenty performed the surgeries, skilfully removing the clouded lenses and replacing them with artificial intra-ocular lenses.

MPSCT funded the beneficiaries' transport to the hospital, ensuring that they could access this life-transforming opportunity without any obstacles. Moreover, the project organizers arranged for caterers to provide nourishing meals, taking care of the beneficiaries' well-being throughout the event. MPSCT's commitment to the well-being of the beneficiaries was evident in their provision for follow-up check-ups. This gesture aimed to ensure that each beneficiary's journey to restored sight was as smooth and successful as possible. The valuable work that Africa20twenty does would not be possible without their donor partners. Thank you Mulilo Prieska Solar Community Trust who is so dedicated to empowering their communities. And to all our donors specifically for this project: Zeiss, Envision Africa, Bausch+Lomb, GenEye, Vertice, Eyepharma and Conqueror for enabling Africa20twenty to give a new gift of sight to the community in Prieska!

Project Partners

Mulilo Prieska Solar Community Trust

The Mulilo Prieska Solar Community Trust was established with the purpose of ensuring that the local communities within a 50km radius of the Project Sites participate in the economic benefits of the Mulilo Prieska Solar Parks.

Power in Numbers

Other Project Partners

Envision Africa - Oertli Phaco Tips and Consumables

Zeiss - Intraocular Lenses & Additional Surgical Microscope Lumera 300

EyePharma - Intraocular Lenses

Gen-Eye - Post Operative Medications

Bausch & Lomb - Pre, Intra and Post Operative Medications

Vertice - Instruments and Phaco Machine with its consumables during the project

Bible Society of South Africa - 100 Bibles


Cataracts Removed with Zeiss Equipment  &
Envision Consumables

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Kilometers Travelled with Conqueror Off-Road Trailer

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Volunteers Who Donated Skills & Time

Project Gallery

Project Video

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