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Conqueror felt a resounding call to bridge the gap, and to be apart of the solution. They understood their unique position to provide a off-road trailer could overcome the transportation challenge to reach the most vulnerable and isolated communities. They utilised their resources and did not blink and eye when the team asked them to become an Africa20twenty partner.


Conqueror is all about what adventure means to you, and they can help you get there. They play a very big role in getting the Africa20twenty team on Africa's back roads to the people that need these cataract operations.

In 2019 Envision Africa decided to bridge the resource gap, to become a pivotal force in eradicating vision impairment. They understand their unique position to provide a solution that could ensure good surgical outcomes for patients no matter their socio-economic position. They are kind enough to use their wealth of experience and relationships to partner with organisations like ours to enable vision restoration.


Envision Africa, is a dedicated local surgical Ophthalmic distributor headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 2014 by James Wright and a team with over 120 years of combined experience in the Ophthalmic Surgical Industry, Envision Africa embodies a character rooted in expertise, relationships, and unwavering commitment.

For Zeiss the calling emerged before the COVID-19 pandemic during OSSA in 2018 - where they felt the a resounding echo of Africa20twenty's mission. They understood that their unique position could effect change. They made the decision to leverage their optical expertise not just for our non-profit, but to assist to restore sight, reconnect lives, and spark hope across the African continent.


Zeiss, is a corporation with a character defined by innovation and social responsibility. They embody a commitment to pushing boundaries, not only in optics but in making a meaningful difference in the lives of people across the world. As the pioneer of scientific optics, they continue to challenge the limits of human imagination. With their passion for excellence, they create value for their customers and inspire the world in new ways.

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