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The sister project

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This project came about when a little sister and a big brother wanted to do good in the world. Loilyn was blessed with the ability to tell stories. To inspire and to orginise. Johann was blessed with the ability to heal and with his great bedside manner to do so in more than just a physical way.


Put their forces together and with this Africa20twenty platform they aim to change the lives of all socio-economically disadvantaged people.


After giving birth to two beautiful baby girls in a very short space of time, Loilyn dreaded having to deal with her monthly cycle. Until one day her slightly longer and more talented sister Nicolene, introduced her to a menstrual cup. She started doing some research and spoke to a few stakeholders, and came across Cara Lugibihl’s story and how she has created a uniquely South African solution, MyownCup.

The menstrual cup

Have you thought of the impact on the environment when taking into account the energy and resources involved in production, distribution, marketing and the disposal of sanitary products. The extreme scale of disposed waste from traditional sanitary products is incomprehensible.

What if every woman could have a better experience once a month when she has to deal with her period? What if we tell you there is a solution that is produced in South Africa which is cost saving and Eco-Friendly?

Cara’s story

On a whim, they took a trip into Africa on a bike one day. “I had certainly never experienced travel like I did just then. Wild. Raw. And completely life altering.”

In the six weeks that they made their way north, up the coast of Mozambique, over the wide, brown Ruvuma river into Tanzania via Dar Es Saalam and a sho't left over into Malawi, she saw things that changed her perception of the human race. She also got her period. A lot.


“I think it was the shock of leaving a comfy bed and three square meals a day that got my body all up in arms!” 

Living in extreme poverty, she observed that the people are the exact opposite of what she expected; warm, welcoming “and generous far beyond any generosity I've experienced when it comes to people who have a lot more to offer.” This stirred her to do more good. "In short, Africa changed me."


Just like Africa changed Dr. Johann and inspired the Africa20twenty project.

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Inspired to change the lives of others

On Cara’s return to South Africa, she set about creating a menstrual cup that was affordable and accessible to all women. Not just those who had the financial means. They designed and prototyped and tried and tested the cup. The original cup, the medium which you can still buy today, was the final product of much research, "guinea pigging" (many girls and women tried the cup and gave unfiltered, honest feedback and comments) and hard work. 

Today it is still the favourite cup available, although they have branched out to offer a wider range of sizes, as to accommodate the needs of menstruating women of all ages and stages.

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The Community Upliftment Project

Enter the C.U.P project. “The Community Upliftment Project became a way for me to educate and create awareness about a very normal body function and start conversations that hopefully can help dismantle the stigmas and taboos that hinder girls and women relationships and acceptance of themselves.”

Together with passionate individuals, organizations and companies, they create a platform and the opportunity to hold workshops and to give back to those girls and women who can't afford any form of menstrual products. And in conjunction with a health conscious, eco-friendly product & education, they hope to be a positive change in the world.

The Sister Project

Today we are proud to say that we have partnered the SisterProject with MyownCup Menstrual Cups and Africa20twenty. For every cup sold on our platform, one will be donated to Africa20twenty to distribute on their outreach programs. You can send a special note to your sister with her gift. Woman to woman. Sisters.

So go ahead and change the life of one of your sisters. Purchase a cup for yourself and for her.

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