Africa20twenty Buff

Africa20twenty Buff

Custom Buffs Ideal for cycling, hiking & trail running. Currently all our staff at McCord Eye hospital loves wearing them while we work. 

We Offer a special discount for any healthcare workers. Email us at with your position, where you work and your cellphone number and you will receive a special discount code to use during checkout.

All the profits from this product is allocated to the Africa20twenty project.


    Africa20twenty is a Non-profit organisation based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

    PR Contact: +2765 702 8955



    Mobilise the operating room.


    Inspired by the World Health Organisation’s Vision2020 mandate to help the visually-impaired wherever possible, Africa20Twenty is taking the surgical theatre to the people.


    Multiple Africa20Twenty ocular surgery mobile units will offer operating room procedures in the most unreachable areas across the continent.


    These traveling units staffed by specialist ophthalmology teams will change lives in the most profound way, providing simple cataract surgeries otherwise unavailable. 



    Restore sight.


    Africa20Twenty will improve access to cataract surgery across Africa by taking medical professionals and services to impoverished communities that need them most; to bring vision to all, regardless of socio-economic status.


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